Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Music Video + MP3 + Performance: St. Vincent - Cheerleader

I was late getting into St. Vincent's (otherwise known as singer/guitarist Annie Clark) music, specifically last year's terrific third album Strange Mercy, which should have made my Best of 2011 list. Following "Cruel," "Cheerleader" is the second single from the album. It will officially be released on Valentines Day, but the video premiered on Youtube today. The video was directed by Hiro Murai and features a giant version of Annie on display in the center of a gallery, looking every bit the porcelain doll.

Also just released is a live performance of the song for her 4AD sessions last year, located below. I highly suggest checking out the rest of the awesomely shot and performed session here.

Additionally, St. Vincent will perform "Cruel" and "Cheerleader" on next week's Gossip Girl. You can receive a free download of "Cheerleader" at Google Music.

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