Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review: Crosses - EP ††

EP †† by Crosses (†††) has finally arrived after many teasers late last year and a song leaked stem by stem a couple of weeks ago. If you're still unfamiliar with Crosses, they are an electronic rock trio that consists of Deftones singer Chino Moreno, producer/guitarist Shaun Lopez of Far, and more elusive member Chuck Doom. Contrary to popular belief, their music has little to do with the 2010 witch house movement, although they seem like fans of the imagery. This project expands on some of the more mellow aesthetics of Moreno's influences (which include Björk, Sade, and The Cure) also found in his other side project Team Sleep. The band put out EP † last August. It blended dark electronic and rock music and contained uplifting melodies and lyrical themes of fantasy and lust.

EP †† has those elements in common and begins where the old one left off at "†." The beginning of "Fron†iers" sounds like something that would score in a movie. Another thing I noticed are the more present live drums as well as the electronic ones that are also evident on "Prurien†," which make for a fuller sound. The chorus reminds me a bit of "Op†ion" from the first EP.

"Prurien†" is the first released song which I've already mentioned here. It fits in nicely as a lighter sounding song with a pop influence in melody, but I feel like it's missing something to make it go oomph.

The standout track has to be "†elepa†hy." It starts out with funky bass, and only gets better from there. It kind of has a Michael Jackson feel in the sound, with modern elements. The way the chorus hits is amazing- it instantly makes you want to dance. The vocal effects and layering in the bridge are also great, with Chino singing and simultaneously whispering "Come play my game...I'll let you win." Very sexy song.

"†rophy" is another light and mellow song and the vocals are probably the most tender I've ever heard Chino sound. The lyrical direction here is more somber, as Chino says goodbye to a lover. "You bring me to a stare as you wave your heart into the air. I walk away and play it safe- it's strange how it works." There's also a bit of shoegaze in it. It's a very beautiful song.

"1987" starts out like it may be an instrumental track, but it does include a few lyrics in it. To be honest, I don't know that the vocals make too much of a difference in this case. I did read somewhere that it was originally going to be instrumental. It may have worked better that way.

While "†elepa†hy" is probably one of my favorite Crosses songs thus far, I liked EP † better. "†his is a †rick"'s pulsing beat with driving guitars and sexy vocals, "Op†ion" and "†heholyghs†"'s euphoric choruses, "Bermuda Locke†"'s simple sensuality and "†"'s Nine Inch Nails-eque instrumentation were all in perfect harmony. I feel like as a whole it was a little more grand. Still, I highly recommend this EP. It's definitely music to experience with headphones on to get lost in. I look forward to future Crosses releases.

Rating: 3.5/5

To get EPs † (this one is free) and ††, go to or iTunes.

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