Monday, January 9, 2012

At The Drive-In: This Station is Now Operational!

After searching the internet for legitimacy, it seems as though El Pasoan post-hardcore band At The Drive-In will be reuniting after eleven years. They were known for their high-energy stage shows and complex guitar rhythms. The band went their separate ways after breaking up in 2001, in the forms of current bands The Mars Volta and Sparta. Although there are plenty of fans of those bands (I love the former), there has always been a nagging for At The Drive-In to reunite. According to the band's website, "At The Drive-In will be breaking their 11 year silence. THIS STATION IS... NOW... OPERATIONAL." The same message was also posted to the band's twitter account.

Edit: Cedric Bixler Zavala of the Mars Volta also confirmed the news on his official Youtube account. Additionally, The Mars Volta will be putting out new material later this year.

Check out One Armed Scissor, one of the band's biggest hits, below.

At the drive in - One Armed Scissor by Yuri Scocuglia

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