Friday, January 20, 2012

Album of the Week: Yuck - Yuck

Now here's a band I strangely didn't get into last year- Yuck (yes, that's their name). Their self-titled debut album came out almost a year ago. It's definitely in my vein of music (that whole alternative/noise rock/shoegaze sound of the 90's that I've been obsessed with), but it didn't click the first time around and I hadn't been prompted to listen to it again...until now. It feels like the first time. The whole album has a dreamy feel, yet maintains catchy melodies, nice choruses and an upbeat vibe. Critics have likened them to Dinosaur Jr., but there are definitely other influences at work here, including My Bloody Valentine. The track "Suck" has a Radiohead/The Smashing Pumpkins vibe going on. Other standout tracks include "Get Away," "Shook Down," fuzzy jam "Holing Out," and "Suicide Policeman" which reminds me of Elliott Smith's work. The final track "Rubber" was one of the only songs that stuck out to me the first time around, and still has the same impact. It's a great album closer, although clocking in at seven minutes it could be a little long for some people's tastes. Consider it seven minutes in heaven (hah). It's a great album to chill out to. It's available for purchase here.

Once again, UK bands rule.

Get Away by Yuck

By the way, SPIN Magazine is offering an awesome playlist full of the best songs of 2011, including "Shook Down" by Yuck. You can download the playlist from iTunes here.

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