Monday, December 5, 2011

Artist Spotlight: Ringo Deathstarr

This is a band I'm pretty psyched to introduce as they are a local band here in Austin Texas called, get this, Ringo Deathstarr. Awesome name, right? It turns out their music is just as awesome.

I discovered them by way of My Bloody Valentine who I've just gotten really into this year (no lie, they're already #2 on my top artists). If you're not familiar with MBV, they're basically the pioneers of music that's classified under the genre of shoegaze which is basically anything with "washy guitars" (as Chino Moreno calls it), lots of feedback and understated but pleasant vocals. This describes Ringo Deathstarr pretty well, but they recall the sounds of The Jesus and Mary Chain (another feedback heavy band with more of a punk sensibility) as well.

Anyway, they came out with an album this year called Colour Trip which is my third choice for favorite albums of this year. It's actually a little hard to describe why I like this album, but I'll just say it's great to chill out to. Shoegaze is a genre that doesn't rely heavily on lyrics, if you're even able to understand them at all. They're mostly just words that sound pleasant. For the most part, you can understand Ringo Deathstarr's lyrics, but I don't find them that important to really focus on anyway. It's really just about how the songs make you feel when you listen to them. I would just advise you to give them a shot. Some key tracks are Imagine Hearts, Two Girls, Kaleidescope, Chloe, and Other Things.

Ringo Deathstarr - Imagine Hearts by Club AC30

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