Monday, December 12, 2011

Album Review: Torches by Foster the People

As much hype as there has been around them, Foster The People's debut album Torches is actually really solid. Of course they gained prominence from the catchy, lyrically morbid Peter Bjorn & John sounding track Pumped Up Kicks which was overplayed on Alternative Rock/Pop Top 40 stations alike. This is also one of those cases where that single is isolated from the rest of the album. So, depending on your taste you could either love Pumped Up Kicks and hate the rest of the album or hate that song and like the album. The second single Helena Beat is a much better representation of what you'll find on this album. Some other highlights would be Waste, Houdini, and bonus track Broken Jaw. The band's sound is a nice blend of pop and electronic with some interesting lyrics. There's definitely more depth to them than you'd think there'd be. It makes for something a little more worthwhile, but they can also be played to simply brighten your mood.

Houdini by Foster The People

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